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“Suswagatam”, this was the aura in School of Management Sciences, Technical Campus, Lucknow on 27th and 28th of September’2013. The Swagat was extended by seniors to show their love and affection to the juniors, who are new to the family in Fresher’s Party, i.e., AAGMAN’ 2013.

Pulsating ambience, flashing lights, foot-tapping music and free flow of enthusiasm are the main ingredients of AAGMAN. It scripts a beginning of celebrations and sheer hard work and perseverance students that would be encompassing for years in the College. It helps the students to understand each other better and develop harmonious relationships with the senior students. 

Dignitaries present on the occasion were Mrs. And Mr. Sharad Singh (CEO, SMS, Lucknow) with family, Prof.(Dr.) M. Mehrotra (Director, SMS, Lucknow), Prof.(Dr.) B.R. Singh (Director, IET SMS, Lucknow), Dr. Jagdish Singh (CGM, SMS, Lucknow), Mr. Surendra Srivastava (GM, SMS, Lucknow), Dr. T.P. Singh (Registrar, IMS-SMS, Lucknow), Mr. Rajat Aggarwal (Registrar, SMS, IET-SMS, Lucknow) Dr. Dharmendra Singh (Dean, SMS, IET-SMS, Lucknow), Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal (Dean, SMS, IMS-SMS, Lucknow) and all faculty members.

Event started with the SMS tradition of Saraswati Vandana followed by the welcome speech of Program Convener Dr. P.K. Singh.

The event was stardust with various performances of singing, dancing, mimicry etc.. Highlight of fresher party is obviously Mr. and Ms. Fresher which was decided by rigorous competition in terms of ramp walk, talent round and question answer round.

The winners of the occasion were judged by a panel of esteemed judges. List of Winners AAGMAN’2013.

It was an occasion were the meritorious students of the campus were blessed by certificates and scholarships. List of Meritorious Students 2013.

Gurukul found an occasion to facilitate the innovators in the campus, i.e. the team of inventors of air-o-bike and solar electric car. List of Innovators.

AAGMAN this year was a special one as the faculty and staff completing five glorious years in the institute were facilitated. List of Jewels Completing Five Glorious Years.

  The event was organized in collaboration with Friends Event Management Company. One of the highlights of the occasion was rockband performance by DBT.

The pioneers of occasion were Dr. P.K. Singh, Dr. Sarvesh Rai, Ms. Saumya Mishra and various others serving as bricks of base. The party was full of zest and zeal.